Cryptology, Nov—Dec 2017

Mobile app design concept for a cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptology is a Singapore-based crypto startup offering simple margin trading and easy withdrawals deposits with bank cards.

Mobile app design concept for a cryptocurrency exchange

The Opportunity

The client, a Singapore-based fintech company approached us to help them launch an MVP of the cryptocurrency exchange with margin trading capabilities. This was back in October 2017, 2 months prior to Bitcoin reaching $17,000.

The product was supposed to solve 2 key tasks:

  • Provide non-professional investors an easy on-the-go entry to the crypto market, basically allowing them to convert their fiat money to most popular cryptocurrencies and vice versa, store it on the site, and easily deposit/withdraw to a bank account or a credit card.
  • Introduce them to the world of CFD trading, making it as uncomplicated as possible for people with little or no trading experience.

Our Approach

During our work, we followed our proven process for designing an MVP. The discovery stage was really a breeze as we’ve been designing trading platforms for multiple clients for years and had lots of experience in the field. After the initial market research, we also had a kick-off brainstorming session in the client’s office.

One of the key findings for us was that the potential target user might struggle with understanding even some very basic concepts of trading, like stop-loss orders or leverage. This brought us to an idea of simplifying them to really basic concepts.

The next stage was creating user flows and information architecture, followed by creating the first set of low fidelity wireframes. The visual style of the app was basically dictated by the client’s corporate identity - black and dark grey fills with bright yellow accents. After experimenting with the style on several key screens we applied it to the wireframes and finalized user scenarios and micro-interactions.

After about one month since we started our work, we began to actively collaborate with the development team, preparing the assets and making design adjustments along with designing the new functionality.

Live quotes

Live quotes screen shows the quotes for all crypto and fiat pairs available in the app


The user can easily exchange fiat to crypto and vice versa as well as crypto to crypto

Trading Quotes
Market Depth
Placing an Order

Margin trading section of the app also features live quotes with bid/ask prices and spread, and simplified trading screen with both price chart and market depth chart

Selecting a document from a gallery
Taking a picture of an ID
KYC Questionnaire

To access some functions (e. g. trading) the user has to go through a KYC process, which requires uploading the documents and answering a questionnaire

The Outcome

With our help, the client was able to go from just an idea to the ready-to-implement designs. The development team was able to start the implementation in just 1 month after we started our work. After 2 months we passed the concept to the in-house design team and then they had the ball.

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