Hi! I’m Tim Strebkov, an Art Director, Product Designer and Design Entrepreneur. My team and I at Strebkov Design have lots of experience in the fintech, data research and education industries, but you’ll find that we can lend our skills to virtually any digital product or service that your business might need.

Tim Strebkov


Despite having two parents and a grandfather who were graphic and product designers, my first job out of University was working as a programmer for a company that made flight recorders.

What was I thinking?

I was told that my toolbar icons looked a heck of a lot better than my code, and I’m so glad I listened. I’ve been designing ever since, and nowadays my team and I help to build great digital products from scratch and improve on existing ones.

What I do

Along with my team, I help software companies build digital products that make people happy, because happy customers are the best sort to have.

We design structured services for you with clear steps, because clear and simple design will bring those customers to your door.

We’re always up to speed with new technologies that attract a younger audience, and we help them to make decisions that make them want to stay with you. We also help you anticipate what they’ll want in future because we’re all about helping you attract and retain them.

Why work with me?

15+ years of experience in usability and visual interface design. Effective design is my passion. I get involved in everything from rough UX concepts to finished UIs, from development support to building design systems and processes. I’m always looking for the best solutions for your business.

Diverse experience in 10 industries across lots of countries. Including data research firms, investment brokers, online education companies and many more. I’ve enjoyed working with folks from the USA, UK, China, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, Latvia, India, Russia, and Ukraine, and I’m happy to say they’ve all been delighted with the results. I know this because they tell me so and because on average they retain my services for 6 years.

Lasting relationships. One client has been coming back to us since 2006, and I put this longevity down to our boutique approach. I’m the Art Director and Manager on every project, which means that as well as designing up a storm I use my tried and tested methods to keep all those plates spinning at once, so you’ll never need to micromanage our work.

This means your development team will get exactly what they need, including high-quality layouts in Sketch/Zeplin, clear text instructions, development support and regular UX/UI reviews. And on the practical side, we’ve established 2 legal entities in different countries to ensure that dealing with us is a breeze.

How to start working with me

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  • Design your digital product from scratch and help the development team build it
  • Improve your digital product UX/UI and help implement these changes
  • Build design team and processes at your company