Seasoned Art Director + a great team + bullet-proof processes for your digital product

I’m Tim Strebkov, an Art Director, Product Designer and Design Entrepreneur. My team and I help build exceptional digital products as well as improve on existing ones.

I help companies just like yours

To build a digital product everybody wants to use, you need a great design, and that’s what I love to do. From rough UX concepts and appealing visual designs to development support to building design systems and setting up design processes for your company — you can count on me.

I take the pain away

From data research firms to investment brokers to online education companies — my team and I are trusted by more than 70 companies across 12 countries in Europe, Asia, and North America. Companies will stay for years once they’ve started working with us, so why not join them? Our average cooperation term is six years. Our most long-term client has been with us since 2006.

... our user interface was really one of the major weaknesses of our site. Tim came in, and made it one of our great strengths.

Alan Park

Alan Park

Founder @ FluentU

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  • Design your digital product from scratch and help the development team build it
  • Improve your digital product UX/UI and help implement these changes
  • Build a design team and effective processes for your company
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